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Trackball Mouse Repair – that’s how to:

- Review on how to fix a tired scroll mouse -


Do you need to repair an old tired trackball mouse ?

But are not sure how to do ?

We’re going through how to freshen up a worn out trackball mouse !

Perhaps you have a trackball mouse at home, which after years of use has become inert and tired ?

Buying a new trackball mouse is not an option for a lot people, since a high-quality trackball mouse can cost as much as 250 dollars (210 Euros). But it’s actually possible to repair a trackball mouse yourself, and increase it’s life-span.

Trackball mice are often worn out earlier than other mice, because the construction makes it easier for the mouse to inhale dirt from above and also that you tend to use the mouse more carelessly, due to the ball’s placement on the top:

    Image  of  a  random  trackball mouse

Image of a random trackball mouse

There are many various kinds of trackball mice, but the mutual thing for all, is that the control ball is placed on the top of the mouse. Trackball mice are very commonly used by gamers, but also by authorities and by people with disabilities:

    Exemple trackball mouse     ….     Example trackball mouse

    Example trackball mouse    ….     Example trackball mouse


The weak spot of a trackball mouse is often the contact between the ball and the rollers. It’s somewhere here that the mouse gets timeworn. The mouse gets frayed faster if you spin the ball negligently:

    Trackball mouse in a cross section view

Trackball mouse at cross-section view


To access the mouse, just turn the mouse and remove the cover by unscrewing the screws (the orange arrows):

    Trackball mouse underneath

Trackball mouse underneath


The orange arrows show the rollers that lie against the ball. The blue arrow points at the actual ball. There needs to be proper friction between the rollers and the ball, so that the mouse responds to a touch. And what happens after many years of use is that friction decreases, as the parts are jammed of strain:

    entrails of a trackball mouse

Interior of a trackball mouse


    Close-up  of  cogwheel  and  cylinder

Close-up of gear and roller

To make the trackball mouse as new again, remove the rolls and attach some silicone or latex to them. Then let it dry for a while before putting the parts back.

It is important to seal the contact between the rollers and the ball. Good luck !

    A tube of silicone    ………     Fluid  Latex

Image of silicone on tube, and liquid latex


Additional information:

If you want to quickly improve a scroll mouse, you can turn the mouse up and down and shake it.

Then the moving parts settle and the mouse begins to respond to touch again.


What is really a trackball mouse ?

A trackball mouse is a computer mouse that has the navigation on the top, which makes you work more with your fingers and not as much with your wrist.

Using a trackball mouse can reduce the risk of stress injuries when working a lot with a computer, as the movements become a bit more natural.

The disadvantage of trackball mice is that they are often more expensive than regular mice.


How to repair a Logitech Trackman Mouse, HERE >



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