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Mannerström’s “Pork Loin” – a leathery chipboard !

- Review of the flawed collaboration with Dafgårds AB -


Do you want to eat delicious, easy prepared food ?

But don’t have time to cook it from scratch ?

- Avoid the ready-meals made by Dafgårds and Leif Mannerström !

In our series “Ready-to-serve food” we have now reviewed the family Dafgård’s “Barbecued Pork Loin – with recipe by Leif Mannerström”.

A fairly common ready-made dish that you can find in several of our major retail chains:

Image of Dafgård’s Barbecued Pork Loin – with recipe by Leif Mannerström

The first thing that surprised us is how one can name some small pieces of pork chop “Pork Loin” ?

Should’nt that be a bigger chunk of meet; you can almost tell it by the word ? – but here you are served only some fizzy, small pieces of pork.

Would’nt a better term for this dish be: “Some small chop bits – with recipe by Leif Mannerström” ?

- But that sounds almost like an Asian dish…


We have let some middle-aged and some older people try this special dish.

And everyone who tasted it, gave the same judgment:

“The pork is far too sore and hard to chew and swallow.

The pork sits in the chest after you have swallowed”, and so forth.

Swedish chef Leif Mannerström. Photo: Stefan Nilsson, SJ

This test result is very surprising, given that Leif Mannerström has been one of those who fought for older people’s food for decades. He held lectures and took part in committees to improve food quality of the elderly.

And have tested food for the elderly for many years, and still do, along with the team of “White Guide Senior”.

But why does’nt Mannerström succeed in this collaboration with Dafgårds AB ?


For a dish to be easy to eat for all types of people, the food needs to be tender and contain a lot of liquid. it’s usually dry and wiry food that people with special needs and older people choke.

Pork Loin (pork chop) is a rather complicated dish to cook, because it is so lean. There is very little fat that helps to make the meat tender.

You often have to pound the pork first (break the fibers), cook for a long time on low heat with a lot of liquid or fat, and then leave the pork in the pan for a long time after cooking, to make the pork imbibe the liquid and get tender.

This procedure will be harder to perform when just putting a dish in the microwave, which you shall be able to do with this dish.

Leif Mannerström. Photo: Destination Läckö – Kinnekulle AB

So the question is what Dafgård’s and Leif Mannerström thought about here ?

How is it possible for “average people” and older people to get something out of such a complex dish, when just putting it in the microwave and then eat it ?

Don’t you have to make careful preparations before freezing, for such food to come true ?

Is it done ?


And the final question is:

If Leif Mannerström can put his name on such a poor and nutrient dish,

is all his commitment to a better food really genuine ?

- Or is it just to earn quick money ?




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