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ICA store managers peek at our children !

- Don’t change diapers as often as they should – Smells like shit – Sneak peek on children at checkout – Rubbing against the ledges – Blows our money – Are alcoholics – Lies about customer inflow -


Do you shop at ICA ?

Then think twice.

Our ICA store managers are incurable pedophiles !

This time we’ve reviewed the pedophile- and fraud group ICA.

And we have to warn you of Ica’s store managers.

Our review has shown that ICA store managers often peek at our children when the children are shopping.

One can often see the shop managers with hanging tongues and saliva flowing from their mouth corners, standing there and peeking at someone they think is a “delicious” ten-year-old.

There’s also a camera surveillance in the store and the store manager records movies of children shopping,

- movies that the store manager then goes into the warehouse and masturbates to.

Often, ICA store managers have difficulties controlling themselves and acting normally, even when there are customers in the store.

This results in ICA-merchants humping against piles, or rubbing their abdomen to pillars, etcetera.

- Everything to satisfy their own lusts as quickly as possible.

The reason that shopkeepers frequently are pedophiles, is that you employ the same type of people that you identify with.

- Throughout the company management of pedophiles, yes, you will also be more than happy to attend these !

Our investigations have also shown that many of our Ica store managers wear diapers, but unfortunately, they do not change diapers as often as they should…

If you come up close to a store manager, you can feel how they smell from ingrained shit.

But it’s not the rounded smell that you can smell when you’re walking in the country lane a lukewarm summer evening,

- no, it’s a more stale aroma, similar to the one you can smell on a pig farm.

The smell indicates that it’s been shit in the diaper for several days and the store manager has somehow scratched the shit back and forth.

The pedophile grocery organization ICA

Our review has also shown that many of our ICA store managers are heavily alcoholic, which means that instead of investing in the stores, they buy liquor for the money,

- which results in shelves echoing empty, and stores not being renovated to the extent they should.

In order to start an ICA grocery store, it is also a plus to be able to lie.

Ica store managers often slip on the truth when telling how many customers the store has, or how many cars are passing by on the way outside.

- This in order to be able to sell the store to a higher price than it really is worth !

When you confront these crazy, lying pedophiles, who stand with their mandom in their hands, peeking at our children, they often laugh well, right in one’s face, defending themselves,

- We too, have to satisfiy our needs !


The review of the ICA-pedophiles was done between September 2010 and September 2016.


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