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REVIEW: Shower hoses are generally too chort

- People over 175 cm (5.74 ft) have difficulties managing their basic hygiene – That length does your shower hose need to have – That high does your shower need to be – How to think when shower in a bathtub -

Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom ?

Then think carefully,

- your shower hose should be at least 2.5 meters (8.20 ft), and the shower rail at least 1.8 meters (5.90 ft) !

Now we have reviewed a fair amount of bathrooms and public showers, and have come to the amazing conclusion that a large part of our new bathrooms have too short shower hoses:

Picture of a typical shower hose with a standard length of 1.5 meters (4.92 ft)

Our tests have shown that we often “scrimp” the length of shower hoses when installing a new bathroom, because we think the bathroom will be expensive enough.

We would rather put money on, for example, tiling a bathroom, than having our shower hoses long enough.

This means that people who are taller than 175 cm (5.74 ft) often have to bend down in order to shower their head and upper body, or they must sit down to shower.

But putting a stool to sit on in this narrow space, one can understand, means considerable difficulties.

If you are over 175 cm (5.74 ft) tall, it will thus be difficult to maintain your basic hygiene in a modern bathroom.

If you have too short shower hoses, it will also be difficult to use the shower when rinsing the toilet bowl or sink of.

Our review has also shown that today’s shower hoses are of very low quality, and that it’s the spiral hoses in chrome-plated plastic that are the least good.

They often start to leak after about four months, if you use your shower daily.

The older models of shower hoses, which were made of smooth plastic, often stay considerably longer.

- Longer shower hoses if you have a bathtub -

You need to pay extra attention to the length of the shower hose if you have a bathtub, because the water mixer and the connection for the shower hose are placed further down towards the floor.

And therefore you often need an even longer hose, – about 3 meters (9.84 ft) long.

Picture of a shower device for a bathtub, with a way too short and low-quality shower hose

We at the editorial office find it unimaginable that body length should decide who should be able to handle their basic hygiene and not:

Should the body size determine who is to handle their basic hygiene ? The man at the left, who is about 175 cm (5.74 ft) tall and normally built, will probably not have any major problems standing in the shower, while the tall man to the right, who is about 190 cm (6.23 ft) tall and more heavily built, will have noticeable difficulties getting into an ordinary shower cubicle and also be able to stand straight to shower.

You’ll need this length of shower hose:

If you want to buy a shower hose for a regular shower, the shower hose should be at least 2.5 meters (8.20 ft), and if you want to buy a shower hose for a bathtub, the shower hose needs to be at least 3 meters (9.84 ft) long.

- This is because a tall person should be able to stand up in the bathtub and shower, if desired.

The shower rails, on which the hand shower is hung, should be at least 180 cm (5.90 ft), and positioned one meter above the floor,

- to allow both children and tall adults to stand up and shower.

This gives a total height of about 280 cm (9.18), which should suffice for most long people to be able to put up the shower handle on the rail and shower:

Review information:

The review of showers is made between the year 2013 and 2019.

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