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How to do a Channel Scan on Andersson TV !

- Article on how to do a Channel Scan (Retune) and a Custom Channel List on your Andersson TV -


Doesn’t your new Andersson TV work ?

Calm down, we can help you out !

- This is how you do a Channel Scan and a Custom Channel List on your TV !

Maybe you’ve just purchased a new Andersson TV set and want to get started as quickly as possible ?

The snag is that no channels are pre-installed when buying the TV but you need to do a Channel Scan* and make your own Channel List* to be able to use your TV.

For most people this is pure french language, and to buy a new TV today often requires that you are a trained electronics engineer.

But we will try to help you understand the procedure here.

The basic principle is to first do an Automatic Channel Scan, and then move the TV stations to the channels that you want them to appear on.

NOTE! When you make a Custom Channel List and choose the channel on which each TV station will sit, one must begin with channel 1, and then go upwords !


How to:

Start by using the remote control, press the [Menu] button and move to the right with the arrow keys [<] [>] to the [Installation]. Select [Automatic Channel Scan] and then select one of the channel sets to be searched.

These channel sets can be scanned:

“Digital Aerial”, seeks and stores antenna-based DVB * stations. “Digital Cable”, searches and stores cable-based DVB * stations. “Analogue”, seeks and stores analogue stations. “Digital Aerial and analogue” seeks and stores both analogue and aerial DVB * stations. “Digital Cable and Analogue”, searches and stores both analogue and cable DVB* stations.

(You can scan one at a time to be on the safe side, if you don’t really know what to look for. But a basic tip is to select “Digital Aerial and Analogue” or “Digital Cable and Analogue” as you then scan both analog and digital stations).

When the Channel Scan is complete, press the [Source] button on your remote control and select [TV].

(This is for the TV to know that you want to watch the TV’s internal channels, and not channels from an external source, such as from a box or from a Blu-Ray player, etc.)

Then press the [Channel 1] on the remote control.

Then use the remote control’s program buttons [P+] and [P-] to search among TV stations. Once you’ve found the TV station that you want on channel 1, press the [OK] button and go with the arrow button [>] to the right and press [Move].

In the [Edit number] screen, using the remote keypad, enter the channel number you want. Then press the [OK] button.

On the question [Channel available. Move ?] press [OK].

Then exit the screen by pressing [MENU] or [BACK] buttons.

Finished. Now you have installed your first TV station on channel 1 !

Then you do exactly the same procedure with all the channels that the TV has found !

Note that you must begin with channel 1, then channel 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on, when you make your Custom Channel List. If you don’t do them in the following order from the bottom, the channels will not end up in the right place.

Extra information to digital box users:

If you have a box (HD-box) connected to your TV and you only use the TV as a viewer of the digital receiver channels, you don’t need to do a Channel Scan for those channels, as they often are already preset.

But then you have to use the digital box’s remote control to change channels. It is not possible to use Andersson’s remote control to change channels on the digital receiver. Alternatively, you could buy a so-called multi-remote which can control both the TV and the digital box. But such folks must first synchronize with the devices, and it’s a fairly involved procedure, and it’s far from certain that it will work.



To be able to watch as many channels as possible, one should scan both the digital and the analogue channel range.



* DVB =

Means digital channels, “Digital Video Broadcasting”.


* Channel Scan =

Means that the TV will pick up TV stations from a specified range.


* Custom Channel List =

Involves placing TV stations on specific channels, so it will be easier to find them.

If you don’t make a Custom Channel List, you have to sit with a cheat sheet and translate where the various stations are located.

Good Luck !

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