Compare 12 different car insurances:

                             Allstate ⇒                           

                   American Family ⇒                  

                  Country Financial ⇒                

                      Erie Insurance ⇒                   

                            Farmers ⇒                          

                              Geico ⇒                              

                      Liberty Mutual ⇒                    

                          Nationwide ⇒                      

                         Progressive ⇒                        

                            State Farm ⇒                      

                           Travelers ⇒                         

                              USAA ⇒                              

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Choosing car insurance can be both difficult and time consuming and it can be tricky to distinguish the various insurance companies.

Many customers only look for the cheapest insurance and they then hope nothing is gonna happen, but it is also important to check the deductible, what parts of the car the insurance covers, whether the insurance can be terminated at any time and how the car is insured if someone else drives your car.

You also need to investigate whether there are any exceptions in the car insurance.

Factors that may affect your insurance are vehicle classification, distances, your age, gender, driving history, marital status, profession, and in what neighbourhood you live.

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