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“Coop Chief who made gold out of monkeyshit” – Modern tale !

- Modern story about how it might be for a Coop manager -


Once upon a time there was a Coop manager who wanted to increase profits of his collapsed and bankrupt Coop-store.

He deeply laid his forehead and said to himself:

“How can I attract as many customers as possible,

in order to lure money from them ?”

The store manager pondered several months while trying to solve this problem.


But on a beautiful spring day, he got an idea.

He realized that if he installed a coffee machine and offered the customers freshly baked bread to a cheap penny,

then all the coffee-craving people would come into the store,

- and then they would pick up more products, which he then could overcharge for !

The Coop boss also came up with the idea that if he decorated the grocery store as a labyrinth – so the customers had to follow a certain path – then they would pick up even more articles that the Coop manager then could overcharge.

When the Coop boss one morning stood at the bread oven and waited for the cinnamon buns to be baked,

he came up with the smart idea to set a lower price tag on the shelves, than the customers would pay at the checkout.

This way, the customers would pick lots of, what they thought ‘low-price products’, which the Coop boss then could overcharge at the checkout.

The Coop chief thought that ninety-five percent of the customers would’nt notice anything at all,

and the remaining five percent who came back to complain,

he would apologize to and offer them a cup of coffee and newly baked bread !

In this way the Coop manager could become rich and build a large house with high fences around, in the outskirts of the city.

After a few years, when the Coop boss had begun to get the right turns on the store, an angry customer came and complained about the price.

On the shelf it said:

Promotional price: $ 2.

But the customer then had to pay 3 dollars.

The Coop boss apologized and said that there must have been an old sign at the shelf,

and that he, as a bandage for the wounds, now offered the customer a cup of coffee and a delicious, freshly baked Danish pastry !

When the store manager opened the oven to get the Danish pastry, the dissatisfied customer understood what the store manager was doing,

reacted in a flash,

and hit the manager as hard as she could, so the Coop chief was thrown into the bread oven.

The customer closed the oven door, and the Coop Chief burned !

It was such an edible fire that it smelled puffed pork throughout the village for several weeks.

One can imagine that the dissatisfied customer was happy and rushed home to her family and said that she had done a good deed for the whole village.


Then they lived happily ever after !


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