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Ernst Kirchsteiger’s team cheats when building:

- Uses screws that rustles – Lays tiles before drains – Sets up windowsills that peels – Does not cover ground thoroughly before painting – Thinks in short-terms about renovations -


Do you want your house renovated,

but don’t know which designer you’re gonna hire ?

- beware of the team of Ernst Kirchsteiger !

We have at this point reviewed a number of houses that was renovated by the swedish interior designer Ernst Kirchsteiger’s team on the television show “Summer with Ernst”, on Sweden’s Channel Four.

One might think that it’ll be properly done when Ernst Kirchsteiger has been in the spotlight, partly because of his many years of experience as a TV-decorator, but also from his years as interior designer of IKEA.

But we must warn you that what Ernst Kirchsteiger is doing, is not a regular renovation that maintains the latest standards of construction, but it’s only on the surface that these old farms are being refurbished – so that viewers will be kept happy in front of their televisions.

Ernst Kirchsteiger’s construction team often leaves shoddy constructions behind them, which can not be used adequately by the owner of the property.

In many cases, the houses need to be renovated once more, sometimes for hundred thousands of dollars, in order to benefit from the installations that Ernst Kirchsteiger has done.

Sometimes, for example, the craftsmen lay tiles – so that the TV-viewers will see how nice the floor is – but the team does not put any drainage pipes.

The owner of the property will therefore have to break up the floor again to lay pipes…

And if the team installs equipment in a kitchen, then it’s only the superficial parts of the kitchen that will work. That is, the water tap can be turned, kitchen shutters can be opened, and so on. However, water and sewage must then be installed separately by the house owner…

And it is not even certain that it’s possible to install water and drainage in a farm built in the 19th century, without the risk of moisture damage of the ground.

- Does not use fittings of stainless steel -

Ernst Kirchsteiger’s crew also uses very low quality screws and nails, which makes the fittings start to rust after only a few years.

Certainly, it might be humble and beautiful to se rust on well-appointed interior details, but the problem is that they have used screws and nails that will be rusty on all supporting parts of the construction – on doors, walls, ceilings and floors.

The nuisance of this is that the rust does not show until after a long time, when wind, moisture and cold weather have forced the rust to reveal itself. – And it may be difficult for the owner of the property to report the construction foul after such a long time.

The swedish designer and hostess Ernst Kirchsteiger. Photo: Vogler, Wikimedia Commons


Even the windowsills are often changed by Kirchsteiger’s craftsmen, but then the lowest quality windowsills are often used, which begin to droop and flake after only a few years.

It’s important, when you replace those details on an old, renowned heritage, that you are doing it well, with materials that certainly melt well into the old design, but last for a long time…

The team also fails with protection of the grounds when painting a house, so that the paint has slipped onto the ground as long stripes.

We should also add that it is generally common with “paint splashes” in the industry and it does’nt apply to Kirchsteiger’s painters only.

- Interior made for pygmées? -

Many of the utility items that Ernst Kirchsteiger has installed or refurbished, is often too small and weak and would not help a normal-built person to sit on.

Also, benches, fences, trellets, delimiters, and other objects that can be found in a garden are often too small and lanky and would not hold for normal wear and tear – and thus would hold even less for so-called “endurance tests”.


Editorial conclusions:

The farms that Ernst Kirchsteiger has renovated often attracts a lot of visitors. So the municipality has probably received more tourists thanks to these renovations.

But at the same time, it should be borne in mind that the municipalities had to lay hundred thousands of dollars for the rehabilitation of these inclosures.

- So the question is if it costs more than it tastes ?

Our review has also shown that Ernst Kirchsteiger seems to have a big and well-meaning heart for elderly and disabled people, as wheelchair ramps are often built and benches to sit and rest on are often adjacent to the farms that Ernst has renovated.

But we still want to go out and warn all property owners that there are really no “definitive” renovations that are done here, but most of the time it’s only adapted to look nice to the TV-viewers.


Information about the review:

The review of the farms renovated by Ernst Kirchsteiger and the Channel Four team was made between year 2010 and 2016.


Read more about Ernst Kirchsteiger’s construction fraud, HERE >



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