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- The New York Times

Satellite and video evidence shows that thousands of homes have been razed and tens of thousands of people forced to flee a city in Sudan.

- David E. Sanger

Vladimir Putin promised unspecified technological help to North Korea, which could allow it to advance its nuclear weapons program.

- Choe Sang-Hun and Paul Sonne

A need for munitions to use against Ukraine is pushing Russia’s leader to deepen his ties with North Korea, raising alarms in the West. The text of the agreement was not immediately released.

- Rick Rojas

A law signed by Gov. Jeff Landry on Wednesday makes the state the only one with such a mandate. Critics have vowed to mount a constitutional challenge.

- Elizabeth Dias and Lisa Lerer

Justice Samuel Alito’s secretly recorded remarks come as many conservatives have openly embraced the view that American democracy must be grounded in a Christian worldview.

- Shawn McCreesh

The former president has set a low bar for President Biden’s performance at next week’s matchup. Now, he is preparing supporters for the possibility that Mr. Biden clears it.

- Rebecca Davis O’Brien

The presidential candidate keeps two of the free-minded birds as wild pets. They’re much better behaved than his old emu, Toby, who would attack his wife, Cheryl Hines.

- Rebecca Davis O’Brien, Katie Glueck and Chris Cameron

The independent candidate, though still a long shot, has found support for his blend of populist economic rhetoric, isolationist foreign policy leanings and government skepticism.

- Jonathan Weisman

Yevgeny Vindman, who raised alarms about then-President Donald J. Trump’s conduct toward Ukraine, will stand for Abigail Spanberger’s seat in Congress as a Democrat.

- Robert Jimison

Republicans and Democrats are weighing proposals to expand military conscription to women and make registration automatic. Both proposals face an uphill path to becoming law.

- Carl Hulse

Democrats sought to quickly reinstate a ban on gun bump stocks after a Supreme Court ruling. It was the latest Senate floor fight to end in a predictable stalemate.

- Richard Goldstein

Mays, the Say Hey Kid, was the game’s exuberant embodiment of the complete player. Some say he was the greatest of them all.

- William Berlind

For years he wowed ’em in the clubs with his drag-king lounge act. Now, against all odds, he’s breaking out.

- Cassandra Vinograd and Emad Mekay

Reports from official media in Europe, the Middle East and Africa suggest that dozens of people died during this year’s hajj pilgrimage as temperatures soared.

- Dana G. Smith

High temperatures can make us miserable. Research shows they also make us aggressive, impulsive and dumb.

- Derrick Bryson Taylor

The state’s governor declared a regional state of emergency as thousands evacuated. Wind and rain could affect firefighting efforts.

- Niraj Chokshi and Christine Chung

You should expect the unexpected while flying, but few disruptions should provoke serious concern, aviation experts say.

- Leah Litman

It shouldn’t take so long for the justices to consider an outlandish claim.

- Andrew Ross, Tommaso Bardelli and Aiyuba Thomas

Compulsory labor with little or no compensation should be unthinkable.

- Bret Stephens

Easy money destroyed the basis for productive, competitive markets.

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Russian leader receives lavish welcome on first trip to Pyongyang in more than two decades

Russian president makes first visit to Pyongyang in 24 years as regimes deepen ties in face of international isolation

Shadowy buyers for Moscow’s defence industry source old western-made machinery

President Biden wants to increase adoption, but his tariffs on Chinese imports could reduce competition and increase costs

A set piece clash between Biden and Trump will turn less on policies than on each candidate’s manner and appearance

The chief risk is not reckless far-right economic policies but a president and prime minister so at odds that chaos follows

Buyout group’s last-minute decision not to list high-end footwear brand followed fractious talks with advisers

Postponement of fashion group’s IPO shows that, even in the luxury world, gimmicks can have a limited shelf life

Leader of militant group issues threat as fears grow of full-blown war across Lebanon’s southern border

Fears of all-out conflict between Israel and Hizbollah grow as US envoy holds crisis meetings in the region

Savanta forecast gives Labour 516 MPs and record majority

The hunt for lower taxes and less regulation ignores major economic risks

Lenders robbed at gunpoint lose $120mn as Palestinians queue for days to rescue their own cash

Politicians should acknowledge how much we could lose in the new era of suspicion, protectionism and interventionism

Google, OpenAI and Sequoia Capital push to improve security practices following high-profile spying cases

Tech companies launch fightback against proposed law to introduce ‘kill switch’ on powerful artificial intelligence models

South American country has become popular starting point for Chinese people heading to US

Inspections of popular fruit on hold as criminal violence threatens multibillion-dollar trade

Artificial intelligence frenzy has powered Nvidia to peak of US equity market but elsewhere investors become more selective

Rand and equities rise after African National Congress seals power-sharing agreement with Democratic Alliance

RSS-feed från Los Angeles Times:

A large ridge of high pressure will bring triple-digit temperatures to California's interior this weekend, raising the wildfire danger.

With immigration at the forefront of the presidential election, the southern border has become an increasingly significant down-ballot debate in California.

Across Los Angeles, home prices are on the rise. But in a handful of central neighborhoods, including Hollywood, the opposite is happening.

Authorities have identified the homeless man who police say was killed by a USC student in an altercation this week on Greek row.

A lawsuit seeks damages for Disney employees who moved from California to Florida after the company told them they were being transferred — and then backtracked.

With Olympic events planned at the Convention Center, city leaders want to use the Games as an impetus for construction that could ultimately cost billions.

A City Council motion will propose to rename Pershing Square after Biddy Mason, a little-known L.A. philanthropist who started life in slavery.

A state lawmaker from Gardena wants to help victims of racially motivated land seizures get justice.

Amid growing efforts to censor and ban LGBTQ+ books, one small bookstore in San Francisco is pushing back.

Willie Mays, widely regarded as the finest player in Major League Baseball history, died Tuesday afternoon, the San Francisco Giants announced.

Los Angeles architect Cameron McNall converted the garage behind his Los Angeles home into a bright and airy 500-square-foot ADU. He and his wife now rent both properties and are embarking on a world tour.

Dodgers get a grand slam from Jason Heyward and a three-run shot from Teoscar Hernández in the ninth to turn defeat into victory against Colorado.

About 8:15 p.m. Monday, police were called to USC's Greek Row in response to a stabbing, said an LAPD officer. The victim has not been identified.

An L.A. Times/WeedWeek investigation finds alarming levels of pesticides in cannabis products at dispensaries across the state

While violent crime is down in the city, according to the LAPD, the attacks — which prosecutors say were committed by a homeless man — have heightened years of debate about the area's well-known homeless problems.

Snap, which created the social media app Snapchat, has agreed to pay $15 million to settle allegations of rampant sex-based discrimination and harassment.

American Airlines is investigating how luggage from a flight to Burbank ended up in a Hollywood homeless encampment.

Cash is the currency of power. Deep pockets give these people their juice.

The Los Angeles City Council is planning a watered-down police reform measure on the November ballot. But city leaders can do a lot more to improve the system.

Kim Jong Un is terrified of South Korean news, music and TV shows reaching citizens of the North, so much so that he might pause some weapons programs to avert an influx of USB drives.

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