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Cleaning Chair Seats – three easy steps:

- Practical advices on how to clean your cushions -


Do you need to clean your chair seats ?

But are not sure how to ?

- Clean them with vegetable oil, gall soap or machine washing !

Maybe you have some cushions that need cleaning ? It does’nt matter how careful we are with our seats, they will still be dirty after a while. We will now go through – step by step – how to clean both portable and fixed pillars.

The principle is a three-step model, where the first cleaning consists of vegetable oil, the other cleaning consists of gall soap, and if these two did’nt help, you can sometimes throw the cushions in the washing machine.

    Image of a movable and a fixed chair cushion

Picture of a movable and a fixed chair pad

Step 1. Take a sponge and some kind of vegetable oil. Sunflower oil is often the most colorless oil, but we used Rapeseed oil in this example, which is also acceptable:

    Sponge and vegetable oil


Step 2. Pour the vegetable oil onto the pad:

    Put some vegetable oil on the sponge


Step 3. Now clean the seat carefully with the pad:

    Clean the seat with the sponge


Finished ! Look how clean and handsome the seat became:

    Seat is clean !


The same principle applies to a fixed pillow. – Wash the seat with a wash pad soaked with vegetable oil:

    Clean the fixed cushion


Look how nice the fixed seat became:

    Fixed cushion finished !


Using gall soap to clean textiles

It may also be possible to remove stubborn stains using gall soap.

The gall soap is an effective soap whose active substances are bile acid from slaughter waste and vegetable coconut oil and palm oil. The gall soap works on all types of surfaces:

    Firm ecological Gall soap        Fluid ecological Gall soap

Pictures of firm and fluid ecological gall soap

If it’s a portable pad that you want to clean, it may sometimes be washed in a washing machine.

Read the washing instructions on the cushion, which type of laundry the cushion can handle. In this example, the pad is capable of 40 degrees celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) machine wash.

Avoid prewash on those sensitive types of household items:

    Washing instructions on a coushin


Insert the cushion into the washing machine:

    Put the coushin in the washing machine


Select the washing program recommended on the pad, or that you think is the most suitable for the pad:

    Set the right numbers on the washing machine


Done ! This is how clean the machine-washed pad became:

    Washed coushin !


Deeper information

- Can one use washing-up liquid to clean pillars ?

If there are really ingrown stains, it is difficult to use washing-up liquid. You have to rub the arms out of the joint with the coarse part of the sponge to make it clean.

Washing-up liquid sometimes contains alcohol and benzenoids, which may be too strong for a cheeky cushion ?

About gall soap

The disadvantage of gall soap is that it has an impact on the environment, by having to chop down palm trees and coconut trees when making gall soap.

The advantage is that you make use of the bile of slaughtered animals, which might otherwise have been thrown away.

Good Luck !

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