Cooked Hansel and

- reality is worse

“The little brother and the little sister”

- The manuscript version of the brother Grimms original fairytale Hansel and Gretel, German: “Hänsel u. Gretchen”, written in 1810.


Once upon a time there was a poor woodcutter who lived next to a great forest.

He felt really miserable and he could barely feed his wife, and his two children.

One evening he had no more bread, and was in great fear, and his wife said to him:

- “Take the two children in the morning, and lead them into the middle of thickest part of the woods,

… and give each of them a little piece of bread, make a fire for them and after that, go away and leave them alone.

For a long time, the man disagreed, but the woman left him no peace until he finally agreed.

But the children had heard everything that the mother had said.

The little sister cried bitter tears, but the brother told her to stay calm, and not to worry.

Then he got up quietly and went to the door.

The moon was shining brightly and the white pebbles were glistening in front of the house.

The boy picked them carefully, and filled his jacket pockets with them, as many as would fit.

Then he went back to his little sister and fell asleep.

Early next morning before the sun had risen, the father and the mother came and woke the two children, because they were going into the woods.

The mother gave each one a little piece of bread, which the little sister put under her apron because the little brother´s pockets were full of stones.

Then they set forth into the great forest.

As they now went on, the little brother began silently stopping again and again and looking back towards the house.

The father said:

- “Why are you stopping and looking back ?”

- “Oh,” replied the boy, “I am looking at my white cat that is sitting on the roof and wants to say good-bye to me.”

Secretly the little brother had been dropping the shiny pebbles onto the path..

His mother said:

- “Just keep on walking, that´s not your little cat, it’s the morning sun shining on the chimney.”

But the boy kept on looking back and always he dropped a little stone.

So they went on for a long time and finally they arrived in the middle of the great forest.

As the father made a great fire, the mother said:

- “Lie down by the fire and sleep, we will go into the woods to fetch trees. Wait until we get back. ”

The children sat down by the fire, and each ate a little piece of bread.

They waited until night, but the parents did not return.

The little sister began to cry very much, but the little brother was there, comforted, and took her by the hand.

Since the moon had come up, the pebbles glistened and showed them the way.

The little brother lead his sister throughout the entire night and as morning was breaking they arrived at the father´s house.

The father was overjoyed because he had not wanted to leave them alone, but the mother was angry.

Not long afterward there was once again no bread in the house, and one evening when the little brother was lying in bed, he heard the mother tell the father to take the children even deeper into the woods.

The little sister again began to cry bitterly, and the brother stood up again and wanted to gather pebbles.

But when he came to the door, he found that the mother had locked it and the little brother began to be sorrowful and could´nt comfort his sister.

Next morning before the daybreak, the parents came and got the children from there beds, each received again a little piece of bread.

On the way, the little brother looks around often.

The father said:

- “My child, why are you always stopping and looking back towards the house ?”

- “Oh !”, replied the little brother, “… I can see my pigeon sitting on the roof. It wants to say Good-bye to me.”

Secretly he crumbled all of his bread and dropped the crumbs onto the path..

His mother said:

- “Keep walking, That isn´t your pigeon. That´s the morning sun shining on the chimney.”

But the little brother kept looking back, and always let a crumb drop on the path.

When they reached the middle of the great forest, the father again made a large fire, and the mother said the same words again, and they both went away.

The little sister shared her bread with the little brother, because he had scattered all of his, along the path.

They waited until evening, and the little brother was going to lead his sister in the moonlight again.

But the birds in the woods had found the crumbs and pecked them up and the children could not find the way.

They set forth, but they soon became totally lost in the great woods..

On the third day they came to a little house, built entirely from bread with a roof made of cake, and the windows were made of sugar.

The kids were really happy to find that house and the little brother ate from the roof and his sister ate from the window.

As they stood there and enjoyed the sweets, they heard a gentle voice calling out from inside:

Nibble, nibble, little mouse,
Who is nibbling at my little house ?

The children were frightened, and soon a little woman came out and took the children gently by the hand and led them into the house.

Then she served them a good meal and made two nice beds for them.

Next morning, however, the woman put the little brother in a little stall, as if he was a pig, and the little sister had to bring him Water and good food.

Every day the old woman came and said to the little brother he had to stick out his finger, so she could feel if he were fat enough, but the little brother always stuck out a little bone, so the old woman would thing it would take longer.

The little sister recieved nothing but crayfish shells, because that wouldn´t be too fat for her.

After four weeks, one evening she said to the sister,

- “Go and fetch some water, and warm it up tomorrow, we are going to slaughter and boil your brother and in the meantime, I want to start the dough that we will bake to go with him.”

The next morning, as the water was hot, the old woman called the little sister to come right to the oven.

- “Sit on the board, I want you in the oven to see if the the bread is nicely brown and done.”

But once the little sister was inside, the witch intended to close the door, and bake her too in the hot oven.

The little sister noticed that, and said to the witch:

- “I don´t understand, sit on it first, and I will push you inside.”

The old woman sat on it, and the little sister pushed the witch all the way inside then closed the door, and the witch burned up.

Then she ran to her brother and unlocked his door.

They found that the whole house was filled with precious stones, which they filled there pockets with and brought them home to there father, who now was a rich man;

However, the mother had died.


The end


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Choose the best webhosting – 5 steps


Making your own website ?

But don´t know who should host it ?

- Read my guide how to choose the best webhosting !

After recieving a lot of mails from people, asking what to consider when they contact a web host, I decided to meet up with web developer Mr. Magnus Sjömark, and join him to make a simple 5-step checklist, that you could use when choosing web hosting for your website.

Some people choose to host their websites on their own servers, but other prefer to rent serverspace in a so-called “hosting company” (a company that rents out webbserver space). You´ll face an almost impenetrable jungle,  when you create a homepage, so to make life easier for you, we have come up with these five steps:


Check …

1. the uptime for all servers

2. how the servers are “routed”

3. that the webhost makes a “backup” of your site every day

4. prices and support

5. the “freedom of speech-laws” of the land server is placed in


1. The server´s uptime ?

The first thing to check is the “server status” of the hosting company. Since you don´t know which server that will be used, of all the servers the provider uses, it is important to look at the overall trends for all the servers. This in order to form an opinion about whether the webbhotel feels serious or not.

- Seem the servers stable? – Do they have high uptime ? – Like from 99.9 to 100 percent uptime? – Good, then maybe you dare to use that webhotel.

Compare this to if you open a salon. Then it´s clearly important that the salon is open as much as possible, so that  people can cut ther hair, whenever they wish. It’s not that convenient to have a lunch break, and shut the salon between 11.00 and 2.00 Am, just when customers are able to cut there hair. – Same goes for the hotel’s Web servers. – The higher uptime the better it is.

You can´t pay someone to get a higher uptime, as the uptime of the servers is dependent on uncontrollable factors, so-called “force majeure”. It does´nt matter if you put your website on an expensive and exclusive Web hotel, or on a low budget 10 $ hosting, but the most important is that the servers has been running for some while, and that the servers has good and stable history. And of course, the more often the Web host is replacing your hard drives, the better it is for the loading time, of your website.

Some hosts accept a change of server, if the server does´nt work. There could be good to cooperate with a host that accepts change of servers, although it´s not good to change server too often. – I would not be considered to be a “jumping jerk” …


2. The routing of the server ?

It´s also important that the servers are effeciantly routed, has a high “download speed”, and fast “page load speed”. – You can check this by visit another site that´s already on the web host, and test how fast that website downloads ( opens in browser ), and how good the “page load time” is (when you click on sitelinks on the site).

To find out which other sites are located at the hosting company, you can wisit your host´s  website and look for the heading “Our customers ‘, or ‘Links to Web sites that we host,” or something in that style. At the same time, you usually get to choose if you want a link from the Web hotel’s Web site, into your own site.

The word “Routing” means how the roads look like, from the hotel’s web servers and out on the Internet. I usually think of the old jazz song “Route 66″, every time I hear that word. It´s important that the site is effeciantly routed, because the site visitors can get quite annoyed, if the website seems slow when they click on the website´s inlinks on the internet, or when they move from page to page within the website.


3. Does the Web host make a backup of the whole site every day ?

Third, you must check if your host makes a “backup” on the entire Web site every day. This is quite important, in case your site would be hacked. It´s common to hijack Web sites, and this particularly affects large and well-known blogs,  but if you are unlucky, the hijacks may also affect smaller sites. – If the Web host makes a backup on your entire content once a day, then they can just put all the original files back in the right position.

But, even if the Web host makes a backup of your website, you should make your own “local backup” of your website every day. To do this, just visit the hotel’s web interface, and create a backup of your content, and download the backup-file to your computer. The backup-file can then be used to restore your website, to as it looked before it was hi-jacked.

Don´t forget to unpack the backup-file, before you use it !


4. Affordable, and a good support ?

Obviously, it´s nice if the Web hosts services are reasonably priced, and that there is some sort of support ( help, customer service ) on their web site.


5. The “freedom of speech-laws” in the server land ?

Legally, it may be convenient to host the site in a country, that has liberal “freedom of speech-laws”, such as Sweden, Denmark or the United States.



“How to choose the right web host”:


1.  The Web host´s servers, must have high uptime ( 99,9 % – 100 % )

2.  Make sure that the Web hotel’s servers are efficiently routed

3.  Request that the hosting company makes a backup of your website, every day

4. Check Prices and support

5.  Read about the “freedom of speech-laws”, of the country, in which the server is located




- How much does it cost you, if you exceed the traffic-limit?

It could be nice sending a mail to the web hotel´s support, and ask how much it costs, if you happen to get a temporary peak in webtraffic, and how the web host, if so, is billing you. Often, you pay just to receive a certain amount of webtraffic, a pre-specified bandwidth, and therefore -  it´s important to know how much the Host charges, if your website would get more visitors than the agreed bandwidth.

There are examples of website-owners who have gone on vacation, and then, when they come back home, met with a bill of 200 dollar from their web hosting. And what had happened, was that the traffic-limit was exceeded, while site owner was on vacation. And the web host was quite good at billing for that.

- Good luck !



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How to use a Cylinder mower


If the grass is relatively short, a hand-powered lawn mower, a Cylinder mower, is the best thing to use on the lawn. It cuts the grass straight and well.

For it to work, you must sometimes remove parts that wrapped around the cylinder, wash the mower with water, and also lubricate with oil.

Most of the Cylinder mowers are self-sharpening, but if you still need to sharpen it, you may submit it to a grinding business.

You can control the length of the grass by adjusting the roller and adjust the bottom flat knife.




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“Rechargeable batteries” – The big fraud, part two


At this moment, you gonna learn how to think when buying electronics.

Half of all electronic devices on the market are pure fraud.

And the biggest fraud is in fact, razors (?) .

You can´t even replace the battery …

The problem is huge and affects all the stuff that may contain so-called “rechargeable batteries”. It may concern digital voice recorders, MP3 players, electric toothbrushes, drills, or PDA:s, but the biggest deception we are exposed to, is when we go buying a razor.

75 % of all razors that are sold on the market today, are lacking of battery covers and 50 % don´t even have a few screws, so you have access to replace the batteries when they´re out. And about 25 % of all razors have the rechargeable batteries mounted behind a circuit board, so even if you managed to open the razor, you can´t replace the batteries.

But about this, you wheren´t told at the store.

After about 1.5 year, the razors´ engine starts to go into the yard, and after two years, the razor´s to be quite run-down, no matter how good quality it´s on the rechargeable battery, and no matter how much you shave.

This is because the rechargeable batteries are “energy inefficient” (they loose power after each charge), but also because some of the razors´ chassis tend to suck power from the batteries, so-called “power creep”, so that the lifetime of the batteries is reduced.

This will also result in that the razor´s almost never really full-charged when to use it. And wasn´t that the purpose ?

Just in shaving, that we do a relatively short period at a time, and not suffer as much wear and tear, we would actually benefit from buying our own batteries, such as “alkaline” primary batteries, to use in our razors, both for economical, and environmental reasons.

And I´m quite saddened, when even the National Consumer Agency seem to support the use of rechargeable batteries, by saying that we “on 200 charges save over 400 Euros”.

How can they say that we “save” something, when there´re more than 800.000 tonnes of cancer-causing e-scrap on our landfills ? - Including equipment with rechargeable batteries ? Batteries that often, in contrast to alkaline batteries, also contain heavy metals.

My razor “Philips beauty Ladyshave softselekt”, has a battery cover (1.5 Volt AA x2). And I´ve been using it for 10 years now. And I´ve only replaced the batteries 3 times, although I use the razor very often. And I´ve only used the cheapest disposable batteries and I have NEVER cleaned the razor (?!) .

And it looks, and purrs like a horse on newplant pastures.

I probably´ve “saved” four, and six, and even 800 Euros on that razor.

. .

.. - Fraudmoney to charity? -

We are subjected to a massive fraud, when go buying a razor. I´ve secretly listened when SHARK-vendors´ve sold razors in our largest retails. In one store, the salechat ended up like this:

- – - – -

Customer: I´d like to buy a razor for my husband’s brother.

SHARK-vendor: – Well, we have this one. It´s the most popular right at the moment. And I use one of those myself, actually. ( yeah right )

Customer: – It goes with rechargeable battery, right ?

SHARK-vendor: – Yes, of course !

Customer: – That´s fine. You must charge before using it the first time ?

SHARK-vendor: – No, I really don´t know. [ Read feverishly on the package ]

Customer: – Ok, it does´nt matter, I take it !

- – - - -

- Intelligent chat, huh ? These two people should perhaps get some stars at “Electronic Academy hall of fame” …

In this example, SHARK-seller of course takes no responsibility for the client, but only think about flogging as many razors as possible to the poor, uneducated, ignorant people. So that the SHARK-seller can go home and pour the friday-drink and say to his partner:”I´ve become salesmen of the month” For the ninth time in a row. And the partner becomes completely wet in it´s shorts.

And the poor, uneducated, ignorant customer goes home with a razor that costed 250 Euros, which will start to tackle down after 1.5 years, then it´s just to throw away as garbage. And all this while landfills of e-crap just keeps growing, and the carcinogenic substances from the combustion of the razors´plastics increases.

Who takes any responsibility for this, really? Not the customers, anyway, because they seem to have no knowledge about this. And dealers neither. They only want to be ” salesmen of the month “.

And I was amazed when I´we ended up listening to that salechat, and went through the store. There It said on several signs that the retail group supported various “aid organizations”. But isn´t that strange, that first they fool us by fraudulent tricks and then send the money to charity ? How can they do like that ? Isn´t that a crime ?

Finally, we as customers must avoid being fooled next time we buy electronic equipment and for that reason it´s important that we ask seller one single question…

And that question is:

_________ _

- Is it possible to replace batteries ?

. .


Encyclopaedia Britannica – Plastic, Wikipedia – Battery, DN – The article “India is flooded with computer crap (091027), SR P1 – Radio program Conflict -” Waste of assistance and crime ” (070929).



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” Rechargable batteries ” – The big fraud

__ _ _

Now, we´re gonna tell how you get lured into buying a lot of technical equipment,

in which you think it´s possible to change the batteries,

but really just is to throw away, when the batteries are out.

Ever since the early 80´s we´ve been lured into byeing electronic devices containing rechargeable batteries.

And the problem is widespread. This may include MP3 players, hairtrimmers, digital displays, drills and razors.

When we go to the store to buy a new razor, we expect it´s maintanance for a certain number of years. The razors´re often made of plastic and we are quite well aware that a razor contains many small parts that are sensitive to any breaks.

And that’s okay.

But do we really expect, that it´s the most enduring part, the battery, that runs out first ?

The fact that, after 1-2 years, you can´t recharge the battery anymore ?

And do we really expect that the equipment has no battery door, or screws, so that we can access and change the battery ?

So when battery power´s run out, you just have to throw the razor away.

we don´t ?

However, the producers of these razors anyway expect that. Because they´re sitting with their excellent academic qualifications and work out how to grab as much as possible of your money.

And that money will be well spent.

.. .. .. ..

.. - Successful men ? -

Because the producers’ housewives ought to have some extra nice red wines to enjoy, when they´re home allone. And maybe include new slippers too? Why not include approximately twelve pairs of slippers in different shades of color,

- one pair for each gown?

Actually, the wives dont have to work, because their men are sitting sixteen hours a day and plan how to grab as much as possible of your money. And in this, they become billionaires.

Equipment with rechargeable batteries, that fraud, we´ve really baught.

It sells like ice-cream in sunshine. Approximately 50% of all electronic devices on the market, are also constructed entirely without battery doors. And just for razors, the figure is 75 %.

And then people drive to the dumps after two years, for throwing the equipment away.

But this might fill a social function ? It perhaps gathers the families ? Perhaps, in addition to funerals, it´s a very important source of socializing ?

But the globe.  And the environment ?

- That maybe will engage ” earth-nerds ” in some workshop !

Low-paid people have to work full time in a week to afford to buy a nice razor with rechargeable batteries.

Then, after two years, the batteries are weak, and it´s just to through the razor away.

And all this, only to producers idle and depressed wives to be able to afford a bit extra good red wines and new felt-lined inside-slippers.

Then, the housewives will tell us that their husbands have ” succeeded “.

_________ _

- Isn´t this strange?

. . ..


Swedish news

Swedish news



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Learn the phone salesmen´s best tricks, part II


In this post you will get some tips on how you should think when a telemarketer calls you,

and how you can master the tricks.

We will analyze the concepts of a Hurry trick, Active answers, capturers, AIDAS and Tension-relieve.

Actually, I have no problems with product presentation, sales or marketing, even over the phone. Telephone sales can be one of the many great channels that a company has to introduce a product to their customers. In addition, we as customers can succeed to get products that are real gems, byeing over the phone.

But it´s the way sales sometimes are done, which I very much wonder about. The dealers often turn to us emotionally and use a lot of dirty tricks, both conscious and unconscious, to fatten their own and CEO ns often already fat asses.

You can find clear parallels to the abusive acts of a psychopath. The only difference is that an abusive act often lasts for several years, while a sales call will progress only a short time. But it´s actually the same tricks used.

Let´s start with the first one …

1st “Hurry trick”

“The offer is valid while supplies last.”

The Hurry trick is a very common trick in any sale. It appeals to our earliest instincts, back from the days when we hunted / collected in order to survive. When we went out,  collecting so much food and materials we could come across, to bring home and stock up, before bad times came up.

We still have the instincts, even though we don´t anylonger need them for surviving.

A phone vendor uses “hurry trick”, because the customer´s very scared to miss anything. - To miss a cheap product.To miss a certain product. - To miss the latest product. Maybee the stock runs out ?

Actually, the salesmen kidnap the biological fears and will be playing on them.

The way you can handle this, is to respond objectively to the vendor. To question him in detail about the product and then record on paper.

Then, ask for your dealer’s phone number and beg to call him in a few days.

2nd “Active answers”  3rd “Capturers”

These tricks have several different functions. Not only is the intention that the customer will “slip” into a dialogue on some equipment. For example when a vacuum salesman comes to visit and asks:”- Sorry to interrupt, but I would just ask witch cleaning equipment you use ?”.

Then the customer gets the urge to respond:”- Yes, you’ll have to come in and look at my crap here in the closet”, or the customer would answer carefully and tell the brand of the vacuum cleaner, the floor mop used, etc.

But also, capturers could be a decoy, for example when a clerk asks:”- Want shrimp salad, too?”. “- Yes” we answers (and feel the saliva flow). But the shrimp salad costed SEK 15 extra, but about that you whern´t told from the beginning.

4th  “AIDAS” 4..

The vendor is working under a strategy called Aidas. This means Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and Satisfaction. The entire conversation from beginning to end is based upon those five words.

First, your phone rings and the seller introduces himself and the company (= Attention). The customer is offered a product which he feels he´ll bee needing (= Interest, Desire). Then, the customer make an active choice, ie direct answer YES or NO (= Action). And if the customer answers yes, then he becomes showered with praise because he´s chosen the company’s product and the company often offer warranty and telephone support for a certain period (= Satisfaction).

5th  “Tension – relieve” 5

The last trick is called Tension-relieve, and that means that the seller gives a tension, an anxiety to the customer that can only be relieved if the customer buys the product. An example of this is when an ad says:

“Want to get rid of holiday flesh and become the puma of the beach ?” – Buy it, and the Or … “Join thousands of already done: – Buy Super lottery ticket…”, etc.

Another example of Tension-relieve is when they hand out free samples in a grocery store. This fills the customer with a debt of gratitude for the handing out. And the only way to get rid of it, is to buy the product.

Tension-relieve strikes three fears:

The fear of being outside a social group, fear of being regarded as stingy and fear to be a debt of gratitude.

It may also be that the seller himself is not aware of all these tricks, but this is expected and well planned by his superiors. Indeed it may sometimes pay to hire very stupid salesmen who also looks a little bit blue-eyed and innocent.


The purpose of this post is that you must see through the tangle of tricks that dealers use, to objectively decide whether to buy a product or not.

You may not under any circumstances dance to the vendors pipe, because then you´re lost. You must go your own ways and really take part of as much factual information as possible about the product.

Do not forget that the seller is turning directly to your emotions. But YOU should turn to the dealer’s brain!

. .

You want to have a little fun with a phone salesman ?

Then you can seem to be interrested but say NO all the time, but not sharply, and never say YES and never put on.

That´s funny, the vendors think ;  )


Bonnier reference book, publisher Albert Bonnier AB, 2007

Great rhetoric book, publisher Wahlström & Widstrand, 2004



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Learn the phone salesmen´s best tricks


__ _ _

In this article you will learn why telephone salesmen calls you -

and what tricks they use.

You will learn the concepts of a Hurry trick, Active answers, Capturers, AIDAS and Tension-relieve.

Honestly, I´ve nothing against product presentations, sales or marketing, even over the phone. Telephone sales can be one of many great channels that a company can use to introduce a product to their customers. But it´s the way it sometimes is done, that makes me really concerned.

When you look closely upon the way some of the phone vendors act, the tricks and the rhetoric they use, you can find clear parallels to the abusive acts of a psychopath. The only difference is that an abusive act often lasts for many years, while a sales call will progress only for a short time. But it´s actually same tricks used.

To begin with, we must ask ourselves why phone salesmen are calling. The answer is simple: – Because they want to fatten their own and CEOns already fat asses. I can´t even in my wildest imagination think of any other reasons, neither ethical or idealistic. But what thaughts goes through a phone salesman´s head ? Well …

“Hurry trick”

The vendor must dominate the conversation and he´ll try to fully control the situation. But the customer mustn´t notice. The customer will believe in opposite configuration. The vendor would also try to get yes-answers throughout the period leading to the point, where the salesman “locks up” the customer. At that point the seller has succeeded.

The worst scenario that phone sellers would face is when their client says:“I call you back in a few days”. Because then the customer gets too long time to think about the purchase. And there must be an extremely good product to make a customer to call back. And that good products, it´s almost no companies that can offer. And they also know it.

Therefore, sellers would always give the impression that it´s urgent and that you´ve to decide quickly. Buy now ! Take it or leave it ! That serves to dealers. The shorter the period of consideration, the better the chance that the costumer´s answer is YES. Therefore, sellers often offer discounts if you order a product quickly and blame to store only a short time. Obviously, this is purely crap-talk. But how does the dealer proceed ? Well, like this:

“Active answers” and “Capturers”

They begin with a short, slovenly introduction, then a surprising question that requires a so-called active answer. An active answer is when the customer was thinking twice before it responded. For example: “What is your electricity charges ?” Or “I just wonder what retirement annuity you have”, or “Do you want to make mobile calls half as cheap?” These opening phrases are called capturers. Because the customer is captured by them. The questions require active answers and will lead to further conversation.


The vendor is working under a strategy called AIDAS. This means Attention, Interest, Desire, Action and Satisfaction. The entire conversation from beginning to end is based on those five words.

First, your phone rings and the seller introduces himself and the company (= Attention). Then you get offered a product which you think you need (= Interest, Desire). But often the product isn´t a reflection of a genuine need, but a created need. A need that´s invented by someone who wanted to make money. Then, the customer makes an active choice by answering YES or NO (= Action). And if the customer answers YES, then it becomes showered with praise for it´s “choice” of the company’s product and the company often offer warranty and telephone support for a certain period (= Satisfaction).

But what happens if a customer gives a negative respons ?

Well, in that case, the seller will use the NO against the customer. First the seller will try an intellectual way to make the customer to change his mind, by asking: “Can I ask why you don´t believe in my offer?”. This question is for the seller to “sniff out” the customer’s reasons to say no. To convert the customer. If this step fails, the seller will try some emotional tricks…

“Tension – relieve”

There are both easy and difficult emotions to handle. And the dealers will use this knowledge. Two of the most difficult emotions to deal with is the feeling of beeing outside a social group and bad conscience. Therefore, we try to get rid of these feelings as soon as possible.

So, if you neglected a product, then the seller tries either to make you feel outside the group, like a person that doesn´t belong to the few “carefully uptaken” who responded YES. - Or the seller will give you a bad conscience.

- But why should the customer have a bad conscience?

Because after a few days, the seller calls you again and says: “Last time I phoned, you neglected my offer to purchase lottery tickets. Do you remember that? “(The customer still has a bad conscience).

“Yes,” the costumer says.

Seller: “Since no one wanted to buy my lottery tickets, we have been forced to reduce the price by 40%. But it´s only for today.”And while the customer suffer from bad conscience since the last call, plus it will now beeing offered the same products but at a much lower pricerange, and that the vendor also uses a Hurry trick, the customer finally will get cauth in this stage.

And then you´ll know, that from the outset, is carefully calculated how many people that should be captured on the first call and how many beeing captured on Tension – relieve call.

You see, a lot of science to brainwash and manipulate us. - Only to fatten the seller’s own and CEOns fat ass.

Now you´ve learned all these tricks,

- Hurry-trick, Active answers, capturers, AIDAS and Tension-relieve.

Part II will focus on how to master them.



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Liver pâté gives your child cancer


My daughter and I went out shopping today.

I find it difficult to go shopping with her, because she always nags at me that she wants to buy different things. Buy, buy, buy …

Today was the liver pâté the thing she definitely wanted to buy.

My daughter has eaten liver pâté ever since she was a baby. From Grandpa, she always gets sandwiches with wholemeal bread, liver pâté and pickles. Grandpa says:“- Just eat, so you become big and strong, so you can wrestle down the guys.”

Well, after much nagging, i let her buy the liver pâté. But then, when we got home, I was reading on the package. And it turned out that it contained two carcinogenic substances, Red meat and Nitrite (E 250).

I thought that was strange.

Red meat…

The Liver pâté was made from pig liver and everything that comes from beef, lamb and pork is Red meat. And it is carcinogenic, according to the World Cancer Fund.


The liver pâté also contained Nitrite, which is known to cause cancer. But the substance Nitrite has also directly killed small children. It is called E 250.

. .

. . - Funny pork sausage ? -

To this you can ad, that the liver pâté, that my daughter bought, was designed as a small toy car. With bright colors, to appeal to children. You could see the passengers in their seats and they too were children. Yes, the package was not unlike a small toy my daughter has already had at home.

And if you go into the manufacturer’s website, which is one of the largest food producers, it turns out that they´ve designed a whole series of products aimed directly at our children.

They had products such as Paté for kiddies, Funny-bunny sausages, Funny pork sausages, etc. 

Like this they wrote:

“Our popular bet in a special kiddie-supply continues. Kiddies Funny-bunny sausages, quiches and grilled black pudding is now making sausage, hot sausage and pork sausage company. The products are good and nutritious, with as few additives as possible. They can be safely eaten by the whole family for breakfast, lunch and schoolmeal.

- If you buy Funny-bunny, you know what you get.The products gives energy. The flavors are mild, natural, and to appeal to children. “

Curiously, how could they write like that ? Do they not realize that the liver pâté is a carcinogen?

And even worse, when I went back to the shop, then it turned out that ALL Liver pâtées on the shelves contained Red meat and Nitrite.

And the strangest thing of all, when you go into all these various’ Mom-sites “on the Internet, they often recommend that you should give your child liver pâté.


_______ _ _ _

- How can they do that?

Liver pate give your child cancer


Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet



Swedish newspaper Expressen



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“Reduce” my telephony costs ?


Some days ago, when I was visiting the supermarket to buy cucumbers and tomatoes, I was stopped by two deereyed guys in their early twenties.

They where selling mobile subscriptions.

And alleged that they guaranteed to reduse my telephony costs.

They began by asking:“-Excuse me, what subscriptions do you have ?”.

This is an excellent question to initiate a sales call with. Because the customer is to, when faced with the choice to answer:”You don´t give a shit” or actually telling them your subscriptions. And most of the customers will tell. And that would the dealers know about.

I told him truthfully witch subscription I had, whereupon one of the deereyed guys lit up like the sun, when he told me that they were the main owners of my present telephony subscription.

Mirroring, this is called.

And now, he wanted to reduce my costs by letting me switch to another subscriber.

He gave me a deal where I would receive SEK 99 / month flat fee, which I also had to call for, plus I got a 3G phone with the purchase. Free, he alleged. Minute cost was 59 cents.

But then I told him the truth, that my minute cost is already on 59 cents, but I now have a flat rate of only 29 crowns per month. And if I dont phone or SMS on the mobile phone at all one month, my present telephony company would´nt charge me at all.

. .

.. - Last idiot ? -

When I explained that I signed this subscription as early as 2005, he began to whimper in the seller emotional pain. How would he proceed?

Sure, he skipped the 3G trash-phone out of the offer, ( you of course understand how “free” that was ) went down to 49 krowns per month flat fee instead and cut my call cost with 20 penny, so we landed at 39 cents / minute.

But when I explained to him that this in any case would be more expensive for me the months I don´t call on the phone, but only use it for incoming calls, which I actually often do.

But on that ear, he wouldn´t listen.

In the end, I said this:”-If you do not lower the fixed fee to the level I now have ( SEK 29 per month ) and also puts the minute costs to 49 cents, then I am not interested.”

But he persisted, and still claimed that I would lower my charges if I agreed to his options.

Oh, dear Good.

I know very well what the dealers are taught on their sales training. That “The last idiot is not born” and so on. And that´s, of course, ment for there customers.

But then, I have a question for you sellers:


- Is the idiot born, who wants a more expensive telephony subscription than he already has ?



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Watch out ! Dont give your child CANCER !

- Take the opportunity to affect your child´s risk of getting cancer –

__ _ _ _

Are you one of those parents who often put a regular, smoked piece of ham on your child’s lunch sandwich?

Then, continue to read this !

Large independent studies have shown that adding processed meat products on the child’s sandwiches, can increase your child’s risk of future cancer.

And I know exactly the story. Your son or your daughter shall go to the woods on Friday morning with the school class. And Lunch Responsibility rests heavily on you as a parent.

It is YOU who are expected to rush into a store, at the time between your daughter hockey practice and your son’s ballet recital, acquire the right products for your children’s forest excursion.

And to top it all, when affected, a man reduces one’s ability to think long term and “useful.” And then it´s easy to buy the products, that we know that our children always appreciate, or the products that are currently at SALE at the shop. The less time we have, the more conservative we become.

But, you really have your child, or the head of the supermarket to decide ? Mustn´t YOU decide on your child until the child is of age?

I think we, as parents must take back control and pick food that are considered beneficial and thus giving our children a healthy mark-up, on the excursion.

. .

.. - “We´re gonna die anyway” ? -

And this behavior may also affect the other children in the class, so that they and their parents open their eyes to that processed meat products actually should be seen as an occasional thing, which is not at all to eat ?

According to the World Cancer Research Found, the risk of getting bowel cancer increases if you eat processed meat. With “Processed meat” you often mean smoked ham, smoked sausage and bacon. Processed meat is only when one has made any kind of action with it, such as salting, smoking or pickling.

So, if you read carefully on the ham packing, that could be a good guide whether to purchase it for your child or not.

World Cancer Research Found recommends that we on our childrens sandwiches ad raw meat from poultry or fish. Light cheese is apparently also good. And of course salad.

If you as a parent, from now on changing your way of thinking, you can affect your child’s risk of developing cancer in the future.

And now, a good friend of regime says that “Everything is carcinogenic these days” and “It might be the best to stop eating completely.”

But the parent who uses such an argument,

_______________________ _ _ _

- Is that the parent, who also puts a bottle of liquor and a pack of cigarettes in his child’s lunchbag ?

. .


World Cancer Researsh Found

media/press_release.php?recid=71 Media / press_release.php? recid = 71


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The audience with the black mind ?


Have you recently seen any exciting swedish detective-series ?

Probably not.

What´s described as “action” in domestic film industry, is probably known as “deathwatch” in other countries…

Recently, i bought a criminaldrama, and i read on the backcover:

“Action”, it said.

When I got home and watched it, the breaking of the package of cheez doodles, was much more action-like than the film itself…

The movie had such a low tempo, and such lack of direction, that even the pornographic film “Hot swedish summer”, in comparision, appeared to be a fantastic movie.

But at a deeper reflection, there were actually a television-series worth name.

- Police in Stromstad, it´s called.

Yes, it´s even so good, that it was done away with by the swedish production managing.

. .

..- The importance of the art –

In swedens film industry, we tend to gloify criminals.

How many plays has´nt been shown, in which the leading rolls are serious criminals. (Example: Il Capitano, Tusenbröder)

But that´s the way we like it ?

We may live in a world where most of us are criminals and therefore need to see this kind of spectacle for our ego to get it´s fill ?

And violence. - No offence !

Just as long as the screenplay was written by a popular author.

Then do not hesitate to torment each other to death, burn somebody, or kick piles in each other’s asses, the whole thing over eagerly assistance of the ticket buying public.

- Consider the budget of the coffee-buns on “Censorship Institute”. I dont think they´ve censored a scene for over twenty years.

And all the assaults that occurs in our parks, they can obviously have no connection with the increased biographic violence, when mankind of course, is completely unaffective and in all parts stable .

. .

.. - Narcissus paradox –

For many years, in Sweden we have been seeing various Dallas-style productions, set in ordinary housing estates and acted as if ordinary people.

But why do I get the feeling that we idolize the machinations of J.R. and leave the sensitive Cliff Barnes-rookies to appear as puerile nerds?

And besides,

why we tend to feel sorry for and identify with those who are infidels?

. .

We are on John Ross Ewing’s side ?

In that case, is that smart ?


- Did´nt he finally shoot himself  ?



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I agree with you ! – What´s your opinion ?


Have you thought about this:

- The goal of society, is in a lot of ways, to declare one´s opinion.

On television shows, for instance, they now a days producing so-called idols.

A half-arrogant panel of professionals, who act like self-appointed experts, they time and again judge the affected combatants.

And obviously, the panel also know exactly what kind of music i´m going to bye.

- Really funny – how could it know ?

In a horribly number of years, you could see various talent contests, along with the existence of numerous miscellaneous managers and AR:s, linking around in there “director manners”.

And pretend to be able to predict one´s music taste.

- Still really funny !

It´s also for a long time been popular to join lectures, that is about to get a better sense of self.

But do you really believe, in all seriousness, that we get better self-esteem, listening to somebody talking about improving self-esteem?

- Are your parents also feeling well ?

Any way, what you could get, is a wallet that echoes higher than the emptiest Swedish cave, because the sense to charge, the talkers always´ve had !

Any way, some of them hav´nt written a new book since the late seventies.

Because if they did, they would risk that there audiences would´nt stay focused on the expert-feeding best-seller.

. .

.. - Stand up for yourself – or fall for anything? -

At the end of every news programs, we can see, for example an expert group of the Fridays, and some film-like panels.

In music programs, we would see the “experts” be judgeing the next Eurovision Song Contest.

And in culture shows, we could listen to the big elite when the´re talking, and you can tell, some part of it looks really kind of “arty”.

We can most likely turn on the TV at any point in time and hear the pros like to speak.

But the question is, when we are so used to take part af other people’s opinions, do we any longer know what we think ourselves ?

If you answered YES to this question, how can the “experts” take souch important position in media that they generally do?

I wish that someone could stand right up at the morning news and tell us that Geneva Conventions really focuses on equal value of everyones belief.

But the demand will probably not go down.

. .

Instead, there is good possibility that humanity will continue the pilgrimage walk to the stadiums, to listen to its lofty pedestal-idols.

- The “experts”.

But I wonder, if we stopped having to worship them so terribly,

______________________ __

- Then maybe we were able to benefit from what they said ?


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