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“Rechargeable batteries” – The big fraud, part two


At this moment, you gonna learn how to think when buying electronics.

Half of all electronic devices on the market are pure fraud.

And the biggest fraud is in fact, razors (?) .

You can´t even replace the battery …

The problem is huge and affects all the stuff that may contain so-called “rechargeable batteries”. It may concern digital voice recorders, MP3 players, electric toothbrushes, drills, or PDA:s, but the biggest deception we are exposed to, is when we go buying a razor.

75 % of all razors that are sold on the market today, are lacking of battery covers and 50 % don´t even have a few screws, so you have access to replace the batteries when they´re out. And about 25 % of all razors have the rechargeable batteries mounted behind a circuit board, so even if you managed to open the razor, you can´t replace the batteries.

But about this, you wheren´t told at the store.

After about 1.5 year, the razors´ engine starts to go into the yard, and after two years, the razor´s to be quite run-down, no matter how good quality it´s on the rechargeable battery, and no matter how much you shave.

This is because the rechargeable batteries are “energy inefficient” (they loose power after each charge), but also because some of the razors´ chassis tend to suck power from the batteries, so-called “power creep”, so that the lifetime of the batteries is reduced.

This will also result in that the razor´s almost never really full-charged when to use it. And wasn´t that the purpose ?

Just in shaving, that we do a relatively short period at a time, and not suffer as much wear and tear, we would actually benefit from buying our own batteries, such as “alkaline” primary batteries, to use in our razors, both for economical, and environmental reasons.

And I´m quite saddened, when even the National Consumer Agency seem to support the use of rechargeable batteries, by saying that we “on 200 charges save over 400 Euros”.

How can they say that we “save” something, when there´re more than 800.000 tonnes of cancer-causing e-scrap on our landfills ? - Including equipment with rechargeable batteries ? Batteries that often, in contrast to alkaline batteries, also contain heavy metals.

My razor “Philips beauty Ladyshave softselekt”, has a battery cover (1.5 Volt AA x2). And I´ve been using it for 10 years now. And I´ve only replaced the batteries 3 times, although I use the razor very often. And I´ve only used the cheapest disposable batteries and I have NEVER cleaned the razor (?!) .

And it looks, and purrs like a horse on newplant pastures.

I probably´ve “saved” four, and six, and even 800 Euros on that razor.

. .

.. - Fraudmoney to charity? -

We are subjected to a massive fraud, when go buying a razor. I´ve secretly listened when SHARK-vendors´ve sold razors in our largest retails. In one store, the salechat ended up like this:

- – - – -

Customer: I´d like to buy a razor for my husband’s brother.

SHARK-vendor: – Well, we have this one. It´s the most popular right at the moment. And I use one of those myself, actually. ( yeah right )

Customer: – It goes with rechargeable battery, right ?

SHARK-vendor: – Yes, of course !

Customer: – That´s fine. You must charge before using it the first time ?

SHARK-vendor: – No, I really don´t know. [ Read feverishly on the package ]

Customer: – Ok, it does´nt matter, I take it !

- – - - -

- Intelligent chat, huh ? These two people should perhaps get some stars at “Electronic Academy hall of fame” …

In this example, SHARK-seller of course takes no responsibility for the client, but only think about flogging as many razors as possible to the poor, uneducated, ignorant people. So that the SHARK-seller can go home and pour the friday-drink and say to his partner:”I´ve become salesmen of the month” For the ninth time in a row. And the partner becomes completely wet in it´s shorts.

And the poor, uneducated, ignorant customer goes home with a razor that costed 250 Euros, which will start to tackle down after 1.5 years, then it´s just to throw away as garbage. And all this while landfills of e-crap just keeps growing, and the carcinogenic substances from the combustion of the razors´plastics increases.

Who takes any responsibility for this, really? Not the customers, anyway, because they seem to have no knowledge about this. And dealers neither. They only want to be ” salesmen of the month “.

And I was amazed when I´we ended up listening to that salechat, and went through the store. There It said on several signs that the retail group supported various “aid organizations”. But isn´t that strange, that first they fool us by fraudulent tricks and then send the money to charity ? How can they do like that ? Isn´t that a crime ?

Finally, we as customers must avoid being fooled next time we buy electronic equipment and for that reason it´s important that we ask seller one single question…

And that question is:

_________ _

- Is it possible to replace batteries ?

. .


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