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Liver pâté gives your child cancer


My daughter and I went out shopping today.

I find it difficult to go shopping with her, because she always nags at me that she wants to buy different things. Buy, buy, buy …

Today was the liver pâté the thing she definitely wanted to buy.

My daughter has eaten liver pâté ever since she was a baby. From Grandpa, she always gets sandwiches with wholemeal bread, liver pâté and pickles. Grandpa says:“- Just eat, so you become big and strong, so you can wrestle down the guys.”

Well, after much nagging, i let her buy the liver pâté. But then, when we got home, I was reading on the package. And it turned out that it contained two carcinogenic substances, Red meat and Nitrite (E 250).

I thought that was strange.

Red meat…

The Liver pâté was made from pig liver and everything that comes from beef, lamb and pork is Red meat. And it is carcinogenic, according to the World Cancer Fund.


The liver pâté also contained Nitrite, which is known to cause cancer. But the substance Nitrite has also directly killed small children. It is called E 250.

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. . - Funny pork sausage ? -

To this you can ad, that the liver pâté, that my daughter bought, was designed as a small toy car. With bright colors, to appeal to children. You could see the passengers in their seats and they too were children. Yes, the package was not unlike a small toy my daughter has already had at home.

And if you go into the manufacturer’s website, which is one of the largest food producers, it turns out that they´ve designed a whole series of products aimed directly at our children.

They had products such as Paté for kiddies, Funny-bunny sausages, Funny pork sausages, etc. 

Like this they wrote:

“Our popular bet in a special kiddie-supply continues. Kiddies Funny-bunny sausages, quiches and grilled black pudding is now making sausage, hot sausage and pork sausage company. The products are good and nutritious, with as few additives as possible. They can be safely eaten by the whole family for breakfast, lunch and schoolmeal.

- If you buy Funny-bunny, you know what you get.The products gives energy. The flavors are mild, natural, and to appeal to children. “

Curiously, how could they write like that ? Do they not realize that the liver pâté is a carcinogen?

And even worse, when I went back to the shop, then it turned out that ALL Liver pâtées on the shelves contained Red meat and Nitrite.

And the strangest thing of all, when you go into all these various’ Mom-sites “on the Internet, they often recommend that you should give your child liver pâté.


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- How can they do that?

Liver pate give your child cancer


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