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- reality is worse

The audience with the black mind ?


Have you recently seen any exciting swedish detective-series ?

Probably not.

What´s described as “action” in domestic film industry, is probably known as “deathwatch” in other countries…

Recently, i bought a criminaldrama, and i read on the backcover:

“Action”, it said.

When I got home and watched it, the breaking of the package of cheez doodles, was much more action-like than the film itself…

The movie had such a low tempo, and such lack of direction, that even the pornographic film “Hot swedish summer”, in comparision, appeared to be a fantastic movie.

But at a deeper reflection, there were actually a television-series worth name.

- Police in Stromstad, it´s called.

Yes, it´s even so good, that it was done away with by the swedish production managing.

. .

..- The importance of the art –

In swedens film industry, we tend to gloify criminals.

How many plays has´nt been shown, in which the leading rolls are serious criminals. (Example: Il Capitano, Tusenbröder)

But that´s the way we like it ?

We may live in a world where most of us are criminals and therefore need to see this kind of spectacle for our ego to get it´s fill ?

And violence. - No offence !

Just as long as the screenplay was written by a popular author.

Then do not hesitate to torment each other to death, burn somebody, or kick piles in each other’s asses, the whole thing over eagerly assistance of the ticket buying public.

- Consider the budget of the coffee-buns on “Censorship Institute”. I dont think they´ve censored a scene for over twenty years.

And all the assaults that occurs in our parks, they can obviously have no connection with the increased biographic violence, when mankind of course, is completely unaffective and in all parts stable .

. .

.. - Narcissus paradox –

For many years, in Sweden we have been seeing various Dallas-style productions, set in ordinary housing estates and acted as if ordinary people.

But why do I get the feeling that we idolize the machinations of J.R. and leave the sensitive Cliff Barnes-rookies to appear as puerile nerds?

And besides,

why we tend to feel sorry for and identify with those who are infidels?

. .

We are on John Ross Ewing’s side ?

In that case, is that smart ?


- Did´nt he finally shoot himself  ?



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