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Watch out ! Dont give your child CANCER !

- Take the opportunity to affect your child´s risk of getting cancer –

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Are you one of those parents who often put a regular, smoked piece of ham on your child’s lunch sandwich?

Then, continue to read this !

Large independent studies have shown that adding processed meat products on the child’s sandwiches, can increase your child’s risk of future cancer.

And I know exactly the story. Your son or your daughter shall go to the woods on Friday morning with the school class. And Lunch Responsibility rests heavily on you as a parent.

It is YOU who are expected to rush into a store, at the time between your daughter hockey practice and your son’s ballet recital, acquire the right products for your children’s forest excursion.

And to top it all, when affected, a man reduces one’s ability to think long term and “useful.” And then it´s easy to buy the products, that we know that our children always appreciate, or the products that are currently at SALE at the shop. The less time we have, the more conservative we become.

But, you really have your child, or the head of the supermarket to decide ? Mustn´t YOU decide on your child until the child is of age?

I think we, as parents must take back control and pick food that are considered beneficial and thus giving our children a healthy mark-up, on the excursion.

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.. - “We´re gonna die anyway” ? -

And this behavior may also affect the other children in the class, so that they and their parents open their eyes to that processed meat products actually should be seen as an occasional thing, which is not at all to eat ?

According to the World Cancer Research Found, the risk of getting bowel cancer increases if you eat processed meat. With “Processed meat” you often mean smoked ham, smoked sausage and bacon. Processed meat is only when one has made any kind of action with it, such as salting, smoking or pickling.

So, if you read carefully on the ham packing, that could be a good guide whether to purchase it for your child or not.

World Cancer Research Found recommends that we on our childrens sandwiches ad raw meat from poultry or fish. Light cheese is apparently also good. And of course salad.

If you as a parent, from now on changing your way of thinking, you can affect your child’s risk of developing cancer in the future.

And now, a good friend of regime says that “Everything is carcinogenic these days” and “It might be the best to stop eating completely.”

But the parent who uses such an argument,

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- Is that the parent, who also puts a bottle of liquor and a pack of cigarettes in his child’s lunchbag ?

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World Cancer Researsh Found

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