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“Reduce” my telephony costs ?


Some days ago, when I was visiting the supermarket to buy cucumbers and tomatoes, I was stopped by two deereyed guys in their early twenties.

They where selling mobile subscriptions.

And alleged that they guaranteed to reduse my telephony costs.

They began by asking:“-Excuse me, what subscriptions do you have ?”.

This is an excellent question to initiate a sales call with. Because the customer is to, when faced with the choice to answer:”You don´t give a shit” or actually telling them your subscriptions. And most of the customers will tell. And that would the dealers know about.

I told him truthfully witch subscription I had, whereupon one of the deereyed guys lit up like the sun, when he told me that they were the main owners of my present telephony subscription.

Mirroring, this is called.

And now, he wanted to reduce my costs by letting me switch to another subscriber.

He gave me a deal where I would receive SEK 99 / month flat fee, which I also had to call for, plus I got a 3G phone with the purchase. Free, he alleged. Minute cost was 59 cents.

But then I told him the truth, that my minute cost is already on 59 cents, but I now have a flat rate of only 29 crowns per month. And if I dont phone or SMS on the mobile phone at all one month, my present telephony company would´nt charge me at all.

. .

.. - Last idiot ? -

When I explained that I signed this subscription as early as 2005, he began to whimper in the seller emotional pain. How would he proceed?

Sure, he skipped the 3G trash-phone out of the offer, ( you of course understand how “free” that was ) went down to 49 krowns per month flat fee instead and cut my call cost with 20 penny, so we landed at 39 cents / minute.

But when I explained to him that this in any case would be more expensive for me the months I don´t call on the phone, but only use it for incoming calls, which I actually often do.

But on that ear, he wouldn´t listen.

In the end, I said this:”-If you do not lower the fixed fee to the level I now have ( SEK 29 per month ) and also puts the minute costs to 49 cents, then I am not interested.”

But he persisted, and still claimed that I would lower my charges if I agreed to his options.

Oh, dear Good.

I know very well what the dealers are taught on their sales training. That “The last idiot is not born” and so on. And that´s, of course, ment for there customers.

But then, I have a question for you sellers:


- Is the idiot born, who wants a more expensive telephony subscription than he already has ?



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