Welcome to Wordpad Online – A web based wordpad, with no login !

Here you can edit all types of media, ranging from plain text, to video editing !

When you are happy and finished with your work, you can eather click on the “Print-button” in the higher left corner, or click on the “Submit-button” in the lower left corner.

After that, you have three hours to save your work in any manner you like.

We have also added a “Paint” app, as a drawing program often is associated with, and can be a good complement to Wordpad.

In the app “Wordpad for Programmers”, you can edit in the programming languages PHP, Visual Basic, C ++, .txt, APK, BASH, Perl, Python, SQL, Applescript, Pascal and over fourty additional languages.

You are able to image-edit or video-edit in our module “Photoshop Online” and it’s also possible to draw your own Doodles in our app “Doodle Creator”.

But if you prefer to work offline, you can download our Office Suite !

Warmly Welcome and have a great, great time/

Staff , Wordpad Online

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