An online text editor, consists of five parts that you need to keep track of:

1.The Ruler, 2. The Title Bar, 3. The Editor Buttons, 4. The Editing Area, and 5. The Upload- and Submit Button.

We will now go through these fields, one by one:



  1. The Ruler at the top is a very important tool for you to know approximately how wide the written text will be. The ruler has both inch measurements (imperial) and centimeter (metric) measurements.

  2. This is the Title bar of your article.

  3. The Editor menu and the Editor buttons. At the top right corner, you can choose whether you want the Visual editor with plain text, or the Code editor with html-text. The editor menu and editor buttons are tools to simplify editing.

  4. This is the Editing area itself ! You can change it’s size by dragging the right down corner up or down.

  5. From here you can upload any file from your hard drive (Upload File) and send your finished text for printing / downloading (Submit).

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