Dear visitor,

we use all types of “cookies” on this site.

“Cookies” are small data files sent to your browser and hard drive.

A cookie’s task is to remember the maneuvers users have made out there on internet and in their browsers.

– What media send cookies ? –

Our publishing system sends a few cookies, and our additional programs (our plugins) send cookies. Also our statistical services send cookies.

In addition, the various advertising systems that we use on the site send cookies.

– Why do we use cookies ? –

We use cookies for the site’s basic features, but also to analyze visitor statistics and to be able to display a higher percentage of targeted ads, which are meant to make visitors more happy.

– Advantages and disadvantages of cookies –

Cookies can be beneficial when it comes to helping visitors to get a richer experience of the internet, and when it comes to simplify for the visitor and saving the visitor’s time.

But cookies can also be negative, because they track the visitor’s route and behavior on the internet, and they can thus cause privacy problems.

Cookies can also cause that your surfing device seems dull after a while because the cookies accumulate, and they tend to stress the processor and RAM-memory.
You can refuse cookies by turning off your browser’s ability to recieve cookies, or set that a dialog box pops up each time a cookie is being sent, so you have the opportunity to deny them, one by one.

On top of that, you can also refuce Java and Flash scripts from loading. These scripts might slow down your surfing device as well.

You can also use ad blockers to prevent your surfing device to show ads on the website.

– However, we would point out that you might suffer from a poorer browsing experience if you turn all of this off.
You can clear your browser from cookies by reseting your surfing history.

And you can clean your hard drive by using the free utility programs *CCleaner and *Dustbuster. – Why not take it as a habit, like brushing your teeth morning and night ?

You can perform a more orderly cleaning of your hard drive once every six months, with help of the defragmenting software *O & O Defrag.

– Interest-based advertising –

We apply interest-based advertising on this site.

This means that we sometimes show ads that are based on your browsers former activities.

The ad networks use advanced cookie management and artificial intelligence (AI) to determine which ads are displayed to which person.

Some people think this is bad because it could be a integrity threat, while other people think this kind of advertising is good if compared to the irrelevant ads that would appear if there was no interest rate.

You can get completely neutral ads by either set for private browsing or incognito mode in the browser.

However, the browsing speed will be adversely affected if you surf privately, because a memory-demanding filter is then placed between the surfing device and the internet.

– Your safety –

Consumer protection laws do not apply on this site, because the site is managed by individuals.

This means that you and we are on the same level, and that you are generally not as protected with us, as you are on a regular business website.

– User data analysis –

We analyze user data to improve the site and to be able to satisfy visitors better.

Our A/B tests have shown that the site will be up to ninety percent better if we take into account what visitors want, than if we blindly took a chance.

But happily, all user data are depersonalised and can not be attributed to any particular person.

– How do we save user data? –

We save all user data for an indefinite period, but in the user data we get, we can only see that someone has done an activity, not who did the activity.

Because of this, user data can not be called “personal data”.

– Consignment of User Data –

We only disclose user data to government agencies in terms of helping to solve more serious crimes.
– Use our security certificate –

To prevent a third party to see what you do on the site, you can use our SSL-certificate, when visiting us.

Just type in the address bar instead of “http”. – However, as website owners we could see everything you’re doing, if we would like.

Also, note that some third-party plugins found on the site, will not work in SSL-environment.
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Free utility programs for download:


*CCleaner (Delete temporary files)
*Dustbuster (Delete even more temporary files),1.html
*O&O defrag free edition (Defragmenting software)